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Learning is a journey

Imagine that you have a backpack which you can put valuable experiences from past and have them to use for designing a better future. The future of yourself, your organization or your community.
Dream Backpack is series of creative, participatory workshops and online campaigns with leveraging power of positive change approaches specifically Appreciative Inquiry wich helps organizations and communities as well as individuals to discover strengths, put strengths at work and design the journey of transformation more…

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A long journey starts with the first step. You can collaborate with us to bring Dream Backpack workshops to your city, university or organization. Just a quick contact and we’ll let you know about journey steps.

Watch the journey of Qachaghach Backpack

Value to Individuals

We are relational and we learn in relationships. Dream Backpack helps you to share and hear stories. As we share our experiences in a group we will have a whole experience. We find opportunities, explore the other side of the moon, hear the same story from another perspective, wear others shoes and realize how the world may look from their eyes. This kind of relationship with the synergy in background and goal of collective learning create a safe environment for connecting souls and find a voice of strengths which help us carry a backpack full of joy and hope.

Value to Organizations

Every human system move toward the images of future they make. We will find what we seek for. Whether you seek deficit or innovation opportunities you will find it. Dream Backpack bring whole teams, departments and organization together to discover and share best experiences, transform individual strengths to collective strengths and design a more innovative future of their organization. It helps people find innovative solutions to challenges and move beyond ordinary results. Dream Backpack for organizations is about achieving results by focusing on strengths and what matters more.

Workshop Themes

Personal Development

Leadership Development

Teamwork Backpack

Relationships Backpack

Be a backpacker and follow the journey!

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